'I'd Love to Rise From the Grave Every Ten Years'

We live in macabre times

“I’d love to rise from the grave every ten years or so,” Luis Buñuel once said, “and go buy a few newspapers.”

Buñuel died in 1983. If he were to rise from his grave today and see the state of the world, how do you think he would react?

I think he’d be delighted.

To understand why I say that, check out one of my favourite scenes of all time, from Buñuel’s 1974 masterpiece, The Phantom of Liberty.

I suspect that Buñuel would not have bothered with newspapers, though, unless he visited India and needed something under his wada pav. He would have preferred newsletters. They are more suited to to these times — and I will elaborate why in an essay called ‘A Meditation on Form,’ which will be my next post here. Expect it this Monday.

Please subscribe. Buñuel would have. Honour his memory.

Also, tell your friends. They deserve it.